The Light Awakener


Energy Healer • Shaman • Reiki Master Teacher • Exorcist

Norbert Seres • (717) 579 - 8591 • Austin, TX


HEART healing

Do you have a broken heart?

Are you grieving a broken relationship?


energy healing

Everything in the Universe is energy.

Therefore, energy healing is very effective. 

Every problem can be improved and most can be completely fixed with energy healing.


Space & entity clearing

You spend one third of your life sleeping, therefore sleep quality greatly impacts your life!

That's why it's extemely important what energies surround you during sleep.

A clean, positively energized and blessed space strongly helps you to create what you want.

Live in the Temple of Peace!


PersonAL clearING & blessING

Environmental influences, negative thoughts and situations and, in many cases, curses can ruin people's lives.

Getting rid of negative energy and curses improves your health, relationships, abundance, and overall well-being. 

Clear your energy, clear your life!




reiki - levels 1, 2 & master

Reiki is nurturing, intelligent energy that can clear blocks and heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In these classes you can learn how to heal yourself, others and remotely. 

spiritual protection - levels 1&2

Learn techniques for keeping your energy clear and safe in any situation. Use your light to protect yourself from spiritual attacks and send away negative beings.


awakening your inner light

Access your light within to uplift all areas of your life. Radiate love from your highest level of being by becoming the master of your mind, emotions and ego. Learn methods for releasing what you don't want and becoming your true self.